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feeling : The current mood of peanutbuttaz at

(9-15-23) i deleted a few graphics!!! i feel free. also i remade the about me page. the favorite media section is on spacehey.

(9-6-23) YAY ! i did the thing! im calling this new theme 'peanutbuttaz 5.0'. its a bit slicker and reflects my style more then previous versions. some pages have not been updated (i'll get to it...) and some not started yet at all. regardless, i hope you like it!

(9-4-23) big things are comming...

(8-18-23) ive been working on my brothers website if you wanna take a peek :D

(8-17-23) WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100,000 VIEWS! WHAT THE HECKY! ive never had 100,000 of anything before.


(7-29-23) lol nevermind about ''new layout website,, my ass is not doing that... have yall seen the barbie movie yet its so cool i saw it a day early

(7-26-23) i have a lot to say so ill say it very briefly: summer good angry elfman music good new layout website???? and that concludes my thoughts.

(6-24-23) im becoming one of those guys who listens to yes. anyway. thanks for all the suport yall are so sweet

(5-20-23) animal crossing pocket camp 7761 4201 252

(5-16-23) removed a bunch of graphics (self concious of all the MB i was using). if you were hotlinked to them SORRY LOL

(5-5-23) took the ap euro exam and died in real life rip xoxo

(5-3-23) i love html i love html i also maybe love css too but mostly i love html

(4-21-23) HELLO hi YES IM BACK in a BIG WAY. welcome to peanutbuttaz4.0. I will be using my moms computer, bless her heart! many sections remain unfinished. im workin on it!

(3-7-23) w3schools my best friend w3schools keeping me sane! thanks for all the new followers ilysm ☻

(2-28-23) and the song of the week is just eternally little girls by oingo boingo. sorry i never meant this all to happen. pink pussycat by devo

(2-21-23) hi neocities is still blocked lolx. typing on de phone. this is all so stupid. lesson learned never put any faith in institutions amirite!

(2-15-23) well looks like they got it. update tes will be slow till this whole thing is resolved. i love yall

(2-14-23) so far so good. updated plushie page

(2-13-23) im actualy really worried right now. my school implemented the spyware goguardian on all the computers and started blocking a bunch of random sites so if i vanish suddenly assume that they blocked neocities lol. im not coding on a phone

(2-11-23) finished cats page and addaed website buttons for those who i could find. the neocities autism is real

(2-10-23) redid the cats page its still a wip though

(2-9-23) the town i live in has less than 1000 peple, so the number of views on my website is more than 30 of that. also my throat hurts really bad

(2-7-23) slight layout changes to the homepage. if you saw that no you didnt

(2-6-23)i feel like im drowning sometimes. in deviant art stamps. also! we're almost at 60 followers! thank you so much!

(2-3-23) redid the about section! now with 164% more eyebleeding

(1-30-23) i have the sniffles! sniff sniff! and its -20 farenheit lol. sneef

(?-?-?)added a hank the tank shrine thingy and a ton of da stamps

(1-7-23) THANK YOU FOR 20,000 views!! it means a lot! in other news, ive just been dinking around and changing little thangs, adding graphics etc - (later) one day i will have an index that i dont hate completely but that is not today

(1-2-23) im pretty happy with how the site looks! if yall have any ideas please feel free to suggest them. i still need to do the recipie page too...

(1-1-23)yaay 2023 i didnt do much today just added some art. winter break is also over tomorrow....

(12-31-22) happy new year! i might make this the blog. less intimidating.

(12-30-22) hii besties! so today i got rid of the buttons and moved stuff around. also finished the dino shrine. yippee

★to do★

  • wilcox shrine
  • addlinks
  • reorganize files
  • redo pages
  • album shrines
  • add graphics
  • easter eggs
  • html copypaste
  • fashion
  • pin collection
  • sotw playlist
  • recipies
  • add alt text
  • favicons
  • house

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