★ about the webmaster ★
im the tiniest shyest little
guy youve ever seen

please feel free to say hi!


whats frickin up.
i love talking about myself. so much. so here we go... im a 16 year old artist from the united states (mountain time). i say artist because its the only thing i really care about but i do not do it professionally. i have brown hair. im somene with many le epic mental illnesses, those which i girlblog about on tumblr. im a leftist who believes strongly in socialism and liberation of the vulnerable. but most importantly - i have a really good music taste. its really limited but its the best one. better than yours. sorry.

★ FAVS ★

yummy snacks, music, animals, early morning, late night,things that are sort of unusual, clouds, shiny things (especially holographic stickers), big glasses, transgenderism, kandi beads, antique dolls and stuffed animals, water, rainbows, music artists, visual artists, other kind of artists, thrift stores, the indie web, museums, peanut butter, the people that live in my computer, you, and my son arnold. among other things


pollution, capitalism, pickled vegetables. among other things