one thing about me is that i can often be found listening to music. if you take a gander at the 30-some album covers listed to your right you might notice some trends.

  1. there are only like 3 artists here
  2. its all the same genre
  3. im really bad at listening to music

these are the albums that are most important to me. gotten me through it all. so shout out to these guys

i started listening to music at the ripe age of zero. it started to really matter when i was about 10, with top 100 hits and what not. i was also into rhett and link's musical endeavors. around age 12 i became deeply infatuated with the jpop artist kyary pamyu pamyu and soon after pete burns from dead or alive. that was in 2020 and lady gaga released chromatica. rocked my world. but this girl music couldnt last. i found the hit song TWO TRUCKS by one lemon demon and its been all downhill from there. YAY