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song of the week

XTC - jason and the argonauts (1982)

Message Image Color Size Material Source
Crew Dress Alike Winner / Tri-Chem Convention 1981 / Summer of fun in '81 Banner and small logo Light blue 4" Metal Thrift store
My uncle David playing baseball in the 90s Many 3" Plastic Grandpa's house
Spirit Grizzly Bear in the snow Many 3" Metal Field trip
We're all DEVO Booji boy Yellow 2.5" Plastic Me :3
Tbh creature on a rainbow background Rainbow 2.5" Plastic Me :3
Trans symbol over trans flag Pink, blue, white 2.5" Plastic Me :3
I love you Candy heart Red, Blue 2.5" Plastic Me :3
Miniature Pink 2.5" Plastic Me :3
Smiley face Light green 2.5" Metal Thrift store
Eat the Rich Clouds Pink/purple 2.25" Plastic (it also lights up!) Grandma's house (repainted)
Love is in the air / (copyright) UPS / Tom Wilson Ziggy holding a pink umbrella while it rains pink hearts White 2.25" Metal Thrift store
Oh no... The big five-oh! / 50 Swirl pattern Blue, black 2.25" Metal Thrift store
Threshing Show / Twin Brooks, South Dakota / 9th annual / August 19-20, 1995 / [1968] / Cockshutt 30 Red tractor Red 2.25" Metal Grandma's house
Dec 7, 1984 Bozeman Mt / Christmas Stroll Cartoon child dragging a christmas tree White 2.5" Metal Thrift store
Tax Fraud Jester Furby White 2.25" Metal Depop
All aboard for children Cartoon train White 2.25" Metal Grandma's house
Circle of love / circle of love People holding hands in a circle with a heart in the center White 2.25" Metal Grandma's house
Shamrocks. We're on it. / W The Chamber / Watertown Area South dakota silouhette with the Irish flag and a shamrock inside White 2.25" Metal Grandma's house
Eat dirt Rainbow Rainbow 2.25" Metal Grandma's house (repainted)
No nukes Cow with a thought bubble Blue 2.25" Metal Grandma's house (repainted)
Cats against catcalls / the voice center / (phone number) 3 litlle people shapes Green 1.5" Metal Thrift store
Official Polar Bear / Grrr! Bear paw shape White 1.5" Metal Thrift store
How many fish are there? Yellow fish Blue 1.5" Metal Thrift store
Fashion is for losers Black 1.5" Metal Antique store
Whitman outdoor program Canoe and oars in front of a mountain Dark green 1.25" Metal My mom
Burritos in the wheat fields Burrito with wheat in the background Blue 1.25" Metal My mom
Bee flying over flowers Yellow green 1.25" Metal Thrift store
You meme alot to me Hearts Black 1.25" Metal Thrift store
Animal Crossing AC logo Teal 1.25" Metal My sister
Me hoy minoy Doodlebob White 1.25" Metal My sister
Pick me Ufo sucking up a human Dark blue 1.25" Metal My sister
Sarcasm Glowing neon heart Black 1.25" Metal My sister
Yoda one that I want Cartoon yoda surrounded by sparkles Green 1.25" Metal My sister
(I said) Be nice! Anthropromorphic rainbow holding a knife White 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Bubblebee Cartoon bee blowing bubbles Light blue 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Buh-bye Picture of Shrek Many 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Care to peruse my wares? Dressed up frog on a lilly pad Light blue 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Certified clown Colorful outline of a clown surrounded by sparkles Red 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Doritos / cool ranch Swirl pattern White, Blue 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Everything sucks Rainbow, clouds, sun Many 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Female/Male/Burrito Dropdown menu Gray 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Hey bestie 2 emojis smiling at each other Black 1.25" Metal Hot topic
I came, i saw, i made it awkward Sparkles Black 1.25" Metal Hot topic
If ur happy and u know it clap your...oh Red trex looking confused Black 1.25" Metal Hot topic
I like you / Mister Rogers Neighborhood Mr rogers Many 1.25" Metal Hot topic
I'm baby Cute face White 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Internet daddy Sparkles Black 1.25" Metal Hot topic
I see you Furby face Brown, white 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Nobody: Me: somebody once told me Black 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Sorry im awkward sorry Black 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Stop body shaming White heart Pink 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Suck it up buttercup Yellow flowers Dark gray 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Taco bell Bell logo Purple 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Yikes Black 1.25" Metal Hot topic
eye emoji lip emoji eye emoji gray 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Hello kitty with fruit Pink 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Bold and Brash by squidward Yellow 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Handsome squidward Yellow 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Bottom emoji White 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Spongebob imagination meme Many 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Mushroom with a knife Light blue 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Moomin in the clouds Purple, pink, white 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Rainbow heart with a cloud Blue, White. Rainbow 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Peace hand sign in front of pride flag Rainbow 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Cat salad meme Many 1.25" Metal Hot topic
Demisexual flag Purple, black, whie, grey 1" Metal Thrift store
Eternalsummerspress.com A bird standing on a mushroom/td> Many 1" Metal Thrift store
Taco-bout being drug free! Cartoon taco with a smiley face Red 1" Metal School
My husband Jeremiah is my entire life White 1" Metal Strange Aeons
Thursday boyporridge sitting on a pride flag surrounded by candles Many 1" Metal Strange Aeons
Montana department of justice / Attourney general Tim Fox Star w/ state seal inside silver 1" Metal 2pt [redacted]
Veteran / Sanford Health Stars Blue 1" Metal 2pc Grandpa

dark peanutbuttaz (in which i tear open my chest about all sorts of things)

on politics

it should be a general belief held by everybody that no one on earth should live without a home or without food & clean water. the strangest thing to me is that relativley few people hold this belief. i don't subscribe to any specific ideology because i think thats pointless but i genreally fall under leftism. people that hold soviet russia / china / north korea / simialar authoritarian societies as ideal are stupid and wrong. leftist infighting is stupid. debate is good actually. just talking about doing politics isnt good enough. i am a hypocrite

on gender

as long as i can remember ive always felt like i am not me. i was born female and leaned hard into feminine things. i loved my little pony and disney princesses and all those sorts of things. from about age 7 i began to be extremely self concious of my being overweight and to sort of mask that i wore these shitty little ll bean play dresses that i hated but the would more or less cover up the body i was so ashamed of. i looked in the mirror and never saw myself. when the red devil came for me it felt like my whole life was over. i told nobody about any of this. i first learned about what being trans was probably some sort of horrible movie or show or something. i thought it was weird. i have a lot to owe to pete burns from the 80's one hit wonder dead or alive for inspiring to sort of branch out in terms of fashion and gender. without that sort of parasocial influence i don't know where i'd be today. i gradually stopped waring my smocks in favor of some other sort of mismatched middle-school punky getup. since then, ive been calling my self trans, and nonbinary. the whole gender thing never made sense to me anyway. do what you want forever. nothing makes sense ever.

on silly brain disease

ive been suicidal since i was probaly old enough to have a brain. like 7 or 8 years old. it isn't cute or funny. its a result of abuse, negelct and neverending loneliness. and internet addiction. i was diagnosed with depression in 2020. it really sucks because i cant really bring my self to do anything ever. ive tried to take my life (unsuccessfully believe it or not) and im still feeling really really hopeless. i have absolutely no idea what to do with my life but cut it short. but thats not all! i also have OCD and PTSD whuch work together to make my house basically unlivable. everything around me is contaminated and my father's voice makes me cry.

on siblings

i have 3 siblings - 1 half-sister who is 9 years older (who unfortunatley lives 1 billion miles away) and 2 younger twin siblings. when the twins were born i was 5 years old and the pregnacy and aftermath of their birth was very trauamtic to me. we were in a really bad spot finacially and my parents would always argue. the night of my siblings birth was beautiful and scary and confusing all at once. but they were so stinkin cute! what wasn't cute was the fact that for most of my development i was either left to be the other parent or be completely alone. i think i disscaited a lot at that time because being a cute little 5 year old who was functionally the center of attention as long as i could remember suddnly cast out of that spotlight and left to the sidelines to fend for myself was to be completely honest not a very good time.

on friendship

being probably almost definitley autistic is weird, dude. friendship has never come natural to me. my mom had a daycare when i was little so thats how i made my first couple friends. many of them moved away before kindergarten and the other one hung around in my life for a while. i struggle with being close to people which makes every last attempt at forming a bond so unsuccessful. its a neverending cycle. the closest friendship i ever had was with my classmate. we were like 2 peas in a pod and would hang out at each others houses and go places together. it was really deeply fufilling. i really loved them. i dont know what changed, maybe i was being to clingy, annoying, awkward, something. i was gone for two months and my best friend in the enitre world gave me the cold shoulder and picked up a new best friend like it was nothing to me. maybe i deserved it? im still endlessly heartbroken about it. since then ive been so wary of other people. i try making internet friends but i always mess up with those as well. i don't know what to do.

there is alays more to complain about so i'll keep adding more to this page

my little fellers

One thing about me is that i love trinkets. Especilly when theyre secondhand and a little bit weird with a story. I apologise that these pictures are so fuzzy!

Shelf 1: Humans/ Humanish

Shelf 2: Raggedy Ann and Andy

Shelf 3: Clowns

Shelf 4: Dogs, cats, and birds

Shelf 5: Hooved animals

Shelf 6: Teddy Bears

Shelf 7: Fish, frogs, and insects

Shelf 8: Dinosaurs

Shelf 9: Furbies

Shelf 10: Miscellaneous

if you have any name suggestions please let me know. these people need names!

my room!!!!!






should it be legal/socially accepted to commit murder on people who chew gum really loud
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