pin button collection :3 i have been collecting pins
since 2020 but some of them i've had for much longer.

lets start with some buttons that i made! i got the button frames from michaels in the clearance section. i have 6 more blanks so hit me up if you need any.
★ WE'RE ALL DEVO is a refence to booji boy from devo. it is loosely based off legit devo merch.
★ The transgender symbol is so beautiful to me.
★ The TBH autism creature was the first pin i made with the button frames. i think its my favorite out of these.
★ MINIATURE is a cheap recreation of a button i found at the thrift store and loved so much i brought it with me everywhere. one day it fell off my bag and i was devastated.
★ This picture of Weird Al came from my mom's copy of Off the Deep End but the booklet got very water damaged and this was one of the only parts to survive.
★ the PEANUT / HE/HIM ones were made using safety pins my grandma gave me - they dont have a loop in the middle so there is no hassle to put beads on them
these buttons are ones i have purchased online for normal justifiable prices.
★ tax fraud i got from the depop of one of my favorite artists (vhsdreamland.) its so awesome i love jester furby
★i got the devo button from pukeandcryvintage on etsy. i didn't realize it was holographic until it arrived which made me love it 100x more :D
★ Also from etsy comes these 5 XTC buttons. they were from the shop blindedbuthemusic. the albums are drums and wires, black sea, english settlement, and skylarking. as well as the logo itself.
★ the last 2 come straight from the youtuber strange aeons, one of my aboslute favorites. i had to go for thursday boyporridge turns you gay naturally as well as MY HUSBAND JERIMIAH S MY ENTIRE LIFE
these are a few of my secondhand buttons.
★SUMMER OF FUN IN '81 is my largest pin. it was on the free table. its as big as my head.
★ right above it is this transgender colored egg. i couldnt resist the pun
★ CATS AGAINST CATCALLS is a button that also has a sort of pun on it. im a cat furry and i think catcalling is bad
★this bee button appears to be homemade. i love the art on it it looks like a storybook illustration.
★ YOU MEME A LOT TO ME. obviously from hot topic originally and errm im not into hot topic pins and i think this phrase is really corny
★ DEC. 7 1984 BOZEMAN MT CHRISTMAS STROLL i really like the art on this one. obviously i was not there when it happened.
★ this little yellow heart was in a free box outside someones house
★ this little strange one says WATERTOWN: SOUTH DAKOTA"S RISING STAR which is one of my favorite buttons but i don't know if thats true. have you ever been to watertown
★ lastly we have this cute little bird on a mushroom. i got this before cottagecore took off and i deserve compensation.
more secondhand buttons here. these are actually all from the same thrift store LOL
★ OH NO... THE BIG FIVE OH! i think it is very funny to wear this on my birthday
★ this button says KIND. there are 2 copies of this button in our household. this one i bought because i wanted the other but it was not mine.
★ the pink bowtie used to live on one of my plushies (beenis) to make him fancy
★ i got the FIRST GRADE TEACHER button before i started to TA in the first grade.. prophetic
★ LOVE IS IN THE AIR... perhaps my most visually appealing button. i love it...
★i dont know if i'm actually demisexual but you dont usually find pride pins at the thrift store
★ JESUS LOVES ME . im not religious but that little polar bear is so cute.
★ o blue ducks, how i failed you. how used to be complete but ceramic + floor meant an end
★ : )
★ HOW MANY FISH ARE THERE? ominous! i like it!
★ whenever i'm making fun of myself for being really white i'll call myself a POLAR BEAR. GRRR!
this set of buttons are simply ones that i have been gifted from my mom and my sister <3
★ ME HOY MINOY - a gift for my 14th birthday from my sister
★ SARCASM - same as above. it got in an accident
★YODA ONE THAT I WANT - same as above
★ ANIMAL CROSSING - same as above.
★ PICK ME - same as above
★ this astronaut was a christmas present from my mom. unfortunately much of the enamel has fallen out :(. still cute though
★ WHITMAN OUTDOOR PROGRAM - also from mom. i dont actually know what that is.
★BURRITOS IN THE WHEAT FIELDS. what does that mean! love you momy
all of these come somehow from my grandma and tangentially from my grandpa.
★ EAT DIRT. you can tell i painted this. it used to have a ladybug sticker.
★ NO NUKES. i also painted this. it is based on that one vintage pin from tumblr.
★ it took a long time until i finally understod this. you cant see it but it says SHAMROCKS. WE'RE ON IT. saint patricks day event i didnt go to who cares. welll its a reference to the METH. WE'RE ON IT campaign which is very funny actually. the above 2 were copies of this button.
★ this was found somewhere in my grandpa's house. there are others. one day i'll get my hands on them. its my uncle playing baseball as a little kid :)
★ haha midwestern people will go watch a threshing show
★ this pin has a switch that makes the little lights flash red. it used to say happy birthday but i thought the revolution was more important
★ ALL ABOARD FOR CHILDREN. ominous. i like it.
★ stockholm is a beautiful little village. i did not attend this event.
★ shiny bedazzled pheasant
★ VETERAN. my grandpa had the pleasure of commiting war crimes in vietnam and all i got was this lousy button
★ this bell
★ CANADA. moose. i've not been to canada yet.
★ glitter butterfly
★ american flag.
★ shiny bedazzled gift wrapping
★ SURF my grandma actually picked this one out especially for me. i dont know why. love you grandmoo xoxo
★ heart :heart:
i got these from school basically. it isnt doxxing cuz ive changed schools since i got most of them frfr
★ SPIRIT. i met ths bear isnt she beautiful
★ political: A PROMISE : ). whats under the black bar doesnt matter
★ the peppermint looking thing i found outside. it doesnt have a clasp anymore.
★ black square i painted spirit phone in it and then peeled it off.
★ star thing i won from an art contest
★ WINNER ! in third grade we did a science fair. everyone got a ribbon for something different. mine was "most useful information." participation trophy commentary etc
★The national park service turned 10000000 years old
★ the earth : in fact the world.
my issue with hot topic buttons can be summed up in 2 words: SIXTYTWO USD. i got into a really embarassing phase where i just bought pins from hot topic even if i thought they were ugly so anyway here they are. enjoy it .
finally, here are some buttons that don't quite fit anywhere else.
★TWINKLES i got from a chritmas party when i was very young. there were more but as far as i'm aware its the only survivor. it was my elf name.
★ i didnt know there were actual record stores in my area but turn out there is one and i love it very much. im a huge ZTThead which came in handy when picking out a button - behold, FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD! my little sister bought it for me then as a little birthday gift. i wore it nearly everyday since then and lost it a few times and broke the sharp part on the back but its really an all time fave
★ FASHION IS FOR LOSERS. true . from an antique store but not an antique
★in july 2022 my whole family went to duluth minnesota and i got this button at the aquarium gift shop. its so cool! the boat moves!
★ the last four i got at the national gallery in london. theyre very nice. i love impressionism .