Peanut's Lame Music Taste

(not that anything here is lame)

i truly think music is the greatest art form. visual art, though it has inccrdible beauty and varietyis not as cool as music, who has the abiltiy to became a part of you, can be felt in your bones, your heart, can get stuck in your brain. that being said, i dont make any or have much interest in doing so. i also suck at listening to it. must be the autism or something i just cant get into anything.

favoritest artists

  • lemon demon/neil cicierega
  • hip to the javabean damn skippy dinosaurchestra view monster i am become christmas nature tapes spirit phone mouth sounds mouth silence mouth moods mouth dreams
  • DEVO
  • are we not men duty now for the future
  • oingo boingo
  • nothing to fear dead mans party
  • talking heads
  • remain in light speaking in tounges

    artists i like

  • the cure
  • the magnetic fields
  • weird al
  • kyary pamyu pamyu
  • siouxie sioux
  • they might be giants
  • modest mouth
  • franz ferdinand
  • the police
  • lady gaga
  • jack stauber
  • outkast
  • MGMT
  • little dark age
  • dead or alive
  • sophisticated boom boom youthquake
  • fleetwood mac
  • ABBA
  • kate bush
  • tears for fears
  • japan
  • weezer
  • nirvana
  • prince
  • icosahedron
  • world wild web
  • bananarama
  • rhett and link
  • depeche mode
  • big baller b
  • in no particular order
  • artists i dont know much about and want to check out more

  • radiohead
  • tupac
  • the smiths
  • david bowie
  • dire straits
  • sweet trip
  • gorillaz
  • the smashing pumpkins
  • mitski
  • the cranberries
  • new order
  • fad gadget
  • linp bizkit
  • artists i am very familiar with but have problems with

  • tally hall/assocaites
  • will wood
  • the growlers
  • ween
  • dua lipa
  • negativland
  • alien ant farm
  • thumpasaurus
  • pizzagirl
  • an extended play

    artists i am not familiar with and still dislike

  • mother mother
  • cavetown
  • hozier
  • ajr
  • most pop music tbh cuz im so fucking EMOOOOOO
  • scientific evidence

    cd collecion

    i mostly listen to music by buying/aqquiring though dubious means, in mp3 forms. cds are epic though

    My own cds

  • dinosauchestra - lemon demon
  • talking heads greatest hits
  • also i had a copy of ziggy stardust from the thrift store but got rid of it HAHA oops
  • shared cds with my mom

    (just some of them she has a hefty collection)

  • good news for people who love bad news - modest mouth
  • self titled - franz ferdinand
  • stankonia - outkast
  • off the deep end - weird al
  • eurythmics greatest hits
  • the police greatest hits
  • this mixtape with im blue dababdedabaday next to eric cartman come sail away
  • more then six dave matthews band concert cds
  • barenaked laldies im not sure which one
  • alien ant farm also not sure its the on with smooth criminal
  • +more!!!!
  • My favorite song is While my Keytar gently Weeps By Lmeon Deomn. and dont forget it!